Discover elegance without youDouble Thread Cashmere Blend Poncho with Zip Marenza

Poncho con zip doppio filo misto cashmere Maglieria Marenza Moda

When it comes to effortless style and luxurious comfort, few pieces can compete with the Marenza Double Thread Cashmere Blend Zip Poncho. This refined piece embodies the perfect balance between high-quality materials, modern design and timeless versatility.

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Precious Materials, Extraordinary Sensations

The heart of this gorgeous poncho is its impeccable composition: 47% merino wool, 8% cashmere, 30% viscose and 15% polyamide blend harmoniously to create a luxurious fabric that hugs the body with warmth and softness. Cashmere, famous for its softness and luxury, adds a note of elegance, while merino wool offers natural thermoregulation, perfect for adapting to any climate.

Practical and Refined Design

Featuring a modern and functional zip, this poncho not only adds a contemporary touch to your wardrobe, but also allows you to wear it with ease, adapting to your day in an instant. The loose, figure-hugging silhouette is perfect for layering over any outfit, from casual to formal, adding a touch of effortless style.

A Rainbow of Options

With a wide range of colors available, the Marenza Double Thread Cashmere Blend Poncho with Zip offers you the freedom to express your unique style. Choose from classic shades like black or gray for a timeless look, or opt for bright colors like burgundy or emerald green for a pop of vibrancy in your winter wardrobe.

Poncho doppio filo con zip Marenza Cashemre

Wearing a poncho is easy and fun

Stylish Layering: Wear the poncho over a turtleneck sweater or shirt for a sleek, cozy style. Complete the look with slim fit trousers or leggings and ankle boots or high boots.

Belt at the waist: For a more defined silhouette, belt the poncho at the waist. This style trick adds structure to your outfit and allows you to show off your figure.

Over a Dress: For a more sophisticated look, wear the poncho over a fitted dress or midi skirt. This creates an interesting contrast between the fitted cut of the dress and the loose silhouette of the poncho.

Casual chic: For a casual yet fashionable look, wear the poncho with skinny or boyfriend jeans and sneakers or motorcycle boots. Add accessories like a shoulder bag or a wide-brimmed hat to complete the look.

Boho style: Embrace the bohemian spirit by wearing the poncho with a printed maxi skirt, fringed sandals and ethnic-style accessories such as silver bracelets or long necklaces.

Poncho as a shawl: In colder weather, you can use the poncho as a shawl over a sleeveless dress or t-shirt. This will keep you warm while adding a touch of elegance to your look.

Accessorize: Add a finishing touch to your outfit with accessories like wide-brimmed hats, soft scarves or statement jewelry. These little details can completely transform your look and add personality to your style.

Wearing a poncho is an easy way to add style and comfort to your wardrobe. Experiment with different ways to wear it to find the look that best suits your personal style and fashion needs.

Poncho misto cashmere doppio filo Marenza Azzurro


In summary, the Marenza Double Thread Cashmere Blend Zip Poncho is much more than just a piece of clothing: it is a luxury experience to wear and love for years to come. With fine materials, versatile design and a range of breathtaking colours, this poncho is the perfect choice for those seeking uncompromising style, comfort and quality. Add it to your wardrobe and get ready to experience fashion with class and refinement.mpo of the Marenza Double Thread Cashmere Blend Poncho with Zip

Visit the product page and discover all the available colors. Go to the product