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Cashmere is one of the most precious and noble fibers in existence

Cashmere, or rather cashmere fibers, are obtained from the fleece of goats called Cashmere Goats reared in various Asian countries: Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Mongolia

Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, it makes it suitable for both cold and hot seasons

It loves water (when the fibers become wet, they react by loosening), and it felts less than wool because of its particular type of flakes.


Very soft, soft and delicate in contact with the skin.

Ingroscopicity (it absorbs moisture and therefore sweat, and is therefore a breathable fabric).

Antistatic (does not attract electromagnetic fields to itself, and electrostatic fields therefore does not attract dust).

Hot and cold thermoregulation properties.

It does not fel like wool.

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Each Marenza Moda garment is designed and studied in our laboratory.

The design is conceived to be as comfortable as possible while at the same time being elegant and modern.

The colors are selected to offer the customer a wide range of combinations with their outfit, in order to match with an infinite number of possibilities.

The color itself and the quantity applied are not random, but designed so as not to damage the raw material, which can undergo changes based on the color and intensity applied.

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Production is the Official Marenza store, all materials are traced and selected, to obtain the best possible result, exclusively in Italy. Each garment after its creation is scrupulously checked, and included in the catalog only after having passed our strict controls.

Each garment must be 100% perfect, because our customer's satisfaction is also ours.