Catalogo Marenza Cashmere

How to take care of cashmere

In addition to washing tips, there are other tips we want to give you to keep the quality of cashmere unchanged.

However, cashmere is a delicate material, which does not like to be stressed! We therefore advise you not to wear it for more than one day in a row: if you put it on today, let it rest on an open surface tomorrow. This care is important because the elastic fibers relax and recover their natural softness. After that, you can fold it up and put it in the drawer; avoid hanging it as it could deform.

Another important tip is to limit washing. Wear your cashmere garment for at least 5 or 6 times before washing it.

How to do when the season changes?

Although cashmere is a suitable fiber to be worn even in the hottest season, there are some cashmere scarves and sweaters that must be put away in spring waiting for winter.

Wool, as we know, is very tempting for moths, so always remember to use the appropriate anti-moth sheets and protect the garments with bags or using boxes.

Pilling what it is and how to prevent

The word pilling comes from the English verb to pill, meaning “to make lint”, and cashmere is actually subject to the formation of lint. However, this is not a defect, but a natural consequence that occurs when wearing the garment.

After the first few times you have worn your cashmere sweater, small dots will begin to appear on the surface, which are generated by the intertwining of the shorter and freer fibers in the areas of rubbing (in fact they are more frequent in the armpit area).

Do not worry! Within a few washes these dots will disappear and your cashmere sweater will be as good as new. To help you, you can also use special combs or velvet anti-pilling brushes to gently caress the garment and remove excess fluff.